Veterinary Products

Bolus, Powders, Injections and other dosage forms for animal use.

Veterinary medicine is informally as old as the human/animal bond but in recent years has expanded exponentially because of the availability of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for most species.

Veterinary drugs used properly, medications are a safe way to keep animals in good condition while preventing the spread of disease to other animals and neighbouring herds or flocks. They help to prevent costly losses to agricultural producers.


Veterinary products list




ProcainePenicillin+Dihydrostreptomycin sulfate Powder for inj. 0.5G 50Vials/Box
Lysozyme Inj. 80000IU 10Vials/Box
Diminazene acetruate+antipyretic For inj. 23.6G 10Vials/Box
Ceftiofur Sodium For Inj. 0.5G,1.0G 1’s/Box
Dihydrostreptomycin Sulfate for inj. For Inj. 0.45Mega 1’s/Box
Oxytrtracycline injection 5% ,10% 50ml, 100ml 1’s/Box
Ivermectin injection 1%50ml, 200m 1’s/Pack
Gentamycin Sulfate injection 10%, 100ml 1’s/Box
Levamisole injection 5%, 10% 100ml 1’s/Box
Dextriferron injection 5%, 10%, 100ml 1’s/Box
Tylosin injection 5%, 10%, 100ml 1’s/Box
Enrofloxacin injection 2.5%, 10%, 100ml 1’s/Box
Closantel Sodium injection 5%,  100ml 1’s/Box
Florfenicol Injection 20%, 30%, 100ml 1’s/Box
Sodium selemite and vitamin E inj. 0.1%+5%, 100ml 1’s/Box
VAD3E inj. 100ml 1’s/Box
Amitraz Drench 12.5% 100ml 1’s/Box
Albendazole Suspension 2.5%, 100ml 1’s/Box
Toltrazuril Oral Solution 2.5% 100ml 1’s/Box
Flumequine Solution 10% 100ml 1’s/Box
Albendazole Bolus 150mg,250mg,600mg,1.5g 5’sx10/Box
Levamisole Bolus 150mg, 300mg 5’sx10/Box